About Us

Our Vision

Central Oklahoma is a supportive and involved community that works to ensure children are healthy, safe, eager to learn, and ready to succeed by the time they enter school.

Our Solutions

Local Level Systems Building

Mobilize the community to build an early childhood system that supports young children and their families in the most effective and efficient way possible.

School Readiness Programming

Provide unique programming solutions that fill a gap in school readiness services and resources for young children and their families.

Resource Development

Maintain and develop the resources needed to implement school readiness solutions in Oklahoma County.


Our History

  • 1999: A volunteer coalition establishes Success by Six, an early childhood initiative of the United Way of Central Oklahoma
  • 2003: Oklahoma state legislature passes the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Act, which establishes a statewide early childhood system known as Smart Start
  • 2003: Success by Six Central Oklahoma becomes Smart Start Central Oklahoma and is designated a 501(c)(3) public charity
  • 2004: Smart Start Central Oklahoma and the Metropolitan Library System establish Smart Start in the Schools—parent-child playgroups that connect schools with their future students’ families and help children develop early literacy skills and socialize with other young children
  • 2006: First pilot of READY! for Kindergarten takes place in one Putnam City and one Oklahoma City elementary school; over 700 families served in the first year
  • 2010: We develop our own school readiness program, Early Birds, with classes offered in four metro school districts
  • 2019: We move our community engagement program to Harbison Community and Kiwanis Early Childhood Center 


quality early education

Your support helps us give central Oklahoma’s children the best chance to succeed in school and in life.