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Employment Opportunities

Smart Start Central Oklahoma is always looking for dynamic people who want to help Oklahoma's babies, young children, and families! 


The Childcare Provider Program Director is an experienced professional and integral part of Smart Start’s dynamic team. The Childcare Provider Program Director is an 18-month grant funded position to expand the reach of the Early Birds program statewide through childcare providers in home based and center settings. The Childcare Provider Program Director designs, plans, implements and evaluates Early Birds programming for childcare settings that accept DHS subsidies across Oklahoma. The Childcare Provider Program Director recruits and stewards partnerships, modifies the program for childcare settings and provides partners with support to implement programs. The Childcare Provider Program Director assists with public awareness, communication and marketing efforts.


  • Adapt and enhance the Early Birds curriculum for childcare settings
  • Design specialized STEAM kits for early childhood classrooms suitable for the ages and development stages of the children enrolled in the facility
  • Compile additional resources, such as mental health and self-care resource information that providers may use and distribute to families enrolled in their settings 
  • Submit Early Birds to the formal approved training process through the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD) with a sponsor organization
  • Invite OPSR provider coaching staff across 8 regions of the state to participate in a train the trainer approach to Early Birds for childcare providers 
  • Provide training and STEAM materials for coaching staff
  • Engage other trainers recommended by partner organizations as needed
  • Coordinate coaching staff and/or other trainers to provide quarterly Early Birds training in each of the eight regions for childcare administrators (or designated employees) and providers
  • Coordinate incentives for participants to attend quarterly training sessions 
  • Coordinate with NewView Oklahoma to purchase materials, build and distribute STEAM kits to childcare providers that participate 
  • Coordinate Early Birds instructor professional development annually 
  • Organize information and ensure it can be easily accessed by team and partners
  • Contribute to program invoicing and contract management
  • Coordinate evaluation design, data collection and entry and reporting 
  • Maintain and communicate class schedule 
  • Provide ongoing communication and participate in problem-solving with program partners and team
  • Evaluate processes regularly to ensure program quality and integrity
  • Other duties as assigned

Requirements & Competencies

A successful Childcare Provider Program Director:

  • Is highly motivated and passionate about strengths based family engagement and support
  • Values diversity and inclusion
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Finds innovative solutions to challenges
  • Actively seeks and recognizes opportunities
  • Has strong organizational skills, including the ability to create needed systems
  • Has excellent customer service skills 
  • Seeks to build relationships and consider multiple perspectives 
  • Prioritizes and executes multiple tasks in a competent and professional manner
  • Fully engages with diverse audiences
  • Has excellent PC and software application skills

Other Requirements

  • Dependable transportation 
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Requires some evening and weekend work

Education & Work Experience

  • BA or BS in business, administration, marketing, or related field or early childhood education or related field, Master’s Degree preferred
  • Experienced in program direction and project management 
  • Experienced in building partnerships and working relationships across organizations
  • Education and/or non-profit experience preferred

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Shannon Dennis, sdennis@smartstartokc.org.




Early Birds, a signature program of Smart Start, is a family support and school readiness program for parents-to-be, parents and caregivers of children from birth to five. Classes are offered for prenatal, birth-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, and 4-5 age groups. After the prenatal class, families with children in each age group can attend classes three times per year with support available in between; a series of 16 classes are available. Classes cover developmental milestones, parent and child activities, everyday learning, purposeful parenting and discipline, and family health and wellness. Classes are available in both Spanish and English. With each class, families receive curriculum, activities, educational toys, and books to stimulate their child's development and learning. Early Birds Instructors build responsive parent-child relationships, promote positive early learning experiences, and empower parents and caregivers as their child’s first and most influential teacher by developing parenting, school readiness and life skills.

Complementary Background areas:

•    Early Childhood Education and/or Child Development, degree and/or experience
•    Current or previous Early Education teacher experience
•    Counseling or Psychology, degree and/or experience
•    Parent Educators
•    Parenting coach or trainer
•    Experience teaching diverse groups


•    Energetic, encouraging and motivating
•    Positive communication skills that build trusting relationships and promote social and emotional skills,        discussion and collaboration
•    Knowledge of Positive Redirection techniques
•    Knowledge of Strengthening Families protective factors
•    Commitment to a strengths-based approach to working with families

Early Birds instructors are trained in the Early Birds curriculum and must participate in ongoing professional development. Assistance with data collection is required.

This is a contract, part-time position. Most work is during evening and weekend hours. Classes are approximately 90 minutes and are offered in-person and virtually. In-person instructors must have reliable transportation. Virtual instructors must have a reliable internet connection and equipment. 

Please submit your resume to cflores@smartstartokc.org

Smart Start Central Oklahoma accepts 1-2 interns per semester. Interns may be at the undergraduate or graduate level. If you are interested in applying for an unpaid internship, please submit your resume along with a cover letter that includes your school name, the number of hours required, your career goals, and why you are interested in interning with SSCO. Applications should be emailed to Shannon Dennis at sdennis@smartstartokc.org.

The pandemic has changed the way we utilize volunteers. For more information, please contact Rufus Howard at rhoward@smartstartokc.org.