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Okay! Let's Play! Learning Kits

marbletowerThrough play, children discover and make sense of their world while developing the skills needed to successfully navigate it - and what better time to play than summertime! Smart Start Central Oklahoma (SSCO) has partnered with Lakeshore Learning to develop Okay! Let's Play Summer Learning Kits for children age birth through eight.

wordsBy purchasing a Learning Kit (or 2!), you are providing critical support to the work of Smart Start Central Oklahoma and our mission to ensure all families have the parenting support and educational resources necessary to help their children thrive.* 

Each kit was designed specifically to develop cognitive, physical, social, emotional, regulation, and creative skills, as well as provide hours of play-based learning. Each educational toy may be used multiple ways and will engage several of these developing skills at one time. 

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Puzzles, games, and mazes develop COGNITIVE SKILLS:
• Critical thinking
• Problem-solving 
• Planning ahead
• Reasoning 
• Remembering
• Paying attention
• Expressing emotions

Blocks, stackers, pattern boards
and STEM kits develop MATH SKILLS:

• Sorting
• Comparing
• Counting
• Numeral recognition 
• Spatial sense
• Measurement
• Estimation
• Patterns
• Problem-solving

Reading and writing books

• Language development
• Early literacy skills
• Book handling
• Understanding of how stories work
• Recognition of sounds and letters
• Vocabulary
• Listening skills
• Imagination


  Crayons, paints, play dough, music makers, and pipe cleaners develop CREATIVE PLAY provides children the freedom to explore:
• Imagination
• Invention
• Creativity
• Discovery
• Self-expression
• Empathy
  Books, journals, games, and activities with others encourage healthy SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT:
• Establishment of trusting relationships
• Feeling of warmth and affection
• Learning appropriate behaviors
• Receiving effective praise
• Developing resiliency


Each kit contains between 5 and 10 items and the items in the kits can be purchased individually as well!



Purchase a kit!

username: oksmartstart
password: lakeshore




lettersTo make the most of the kits, consider these tips:

  • Just give your child one toy at a time to play with (unless it has two parts, such as the magnetic dry erase board and markers)
  • Together, make sure you put the toy away before bringing out another one. Cleaning up is part of the play process and is an important responsibility of family members.
  • Having a special shelf or basket to keep toys makes it easier to play and easier to clean up.
  • These toys are designed for children to play with them alone, with siblings or friends, or with you. If possible, get the toy out together and help your child get engaged even if you aren’t going to play together this time. Your child will be more interested if you demonstrate your interest and help start the play.
  • Playing with your child not only maximizes the learning opportunity but it allows you to build a deeper relationship and better understand your child.
  • Giving your complete attention to your child is the greatest gift for both of you.

artWe hope the children in your life enjoy these items and have a fun summer filled with lots of play, thinking and learning! 

Already have these toys? Consider a donation to Smart Start Central Oklahoma instead.


*100% of Smart Start's proceeds will help more children/families play smart, too.