Celebrate Dad with these Easy Activities!

June 3, 2021

It's almost Father's Day! Our friends at Books By The Bushel, LLC put together this fun Father's Day activity guide to celebrate Dad (or any father figure)!

Give Dad a hand: Trace your child’s hand on different colors of paper and then help cut them out. Ask your child to tell you some ways they could help out their dad. Wash the car? Cut the grass? Give him some quiet time!? Write their answers on each hand and then make a cover that says, “Dad, let me give you a hand!” Your child can give this coupon book to their dad on Father’s Day!

Dad Rocks: Take your child on a nature walk to collect different sizes of rocks. Then, go home and help your child decorate each rock to look like their dad in different situations: at work, at the beach, in pajamas, etc. Put them in a mason jar and give them to dad. He can use them as paper weights and be reminded the “Dad Rocks!”

Do you know your dad? Create a questionnaire about your child’s dad and you can fill in the blanks with their responses. How old is your dad? Where does he work? What’s his favorite thing to do? You get the picture! The responses will show dad what your child thinks they know about him and the responses are sure to bring some belly laughs!

Super-Dad! Your child probably has tons of dress-up clothes- pirates, princesses, police officers, doctor, and certainly a superhero or two! Well, their dad is the most famous superhero of all, so bring out daddy’s pants, shirts, ties, shoes, etc. and let your child dress-up like daddy! This can be a great fine-motor activity as your child tries to button up daddy’s shirt or tie his tennis shoes!

Breakfast in bed: It won’t matter if it is dad’s favorite cereal or microwave pancakes. Whatever your child would like to help you make and deliver to daddy in bed will be perfect!