Early Birds Boosts Parent Confidence

January 29, 2019

Kesha is a mother of two who started attending Early Birds shortly after her first child was born. At Early Birds, she learned the importance of reading to her children starting from birth. "Before, I was encouraged to read to our infant, but we thought, especially my husband, it was pretty early, they wouldn't understand. But after attending Early Birds classes, he and I both started to pick out books that we enjoyed to read to them and it has become a special time before bed in our family."

Kesha and her husband also value Early Birds for the parent community. "It was relieving to hear other parents say 'My kid is doing this' and hear parents share their experiences and ideas. It's great to learn from others and makes a tremendous difference in how to feel more secure as a parent. Learning from professional educators how to teach my children social/emotional strategies and learning that there are other options for discipline made me feel confident in my ability as a parent. I like the diversity of families from various backgrounds; I can listen to a variety of experiences and strategies and pick what works for my family. It is good to have a community of people who say 'We are going through some of the same life struggles -- let's do this together.' It was a safe place to ask for help."

Thousands of parents in central Oklahoma like Kesha now feel more confident in their parenting abilities after attending Early Birds, and the children of Early Birds parents are starting pre-kindergarten ready to succeed. To support our work and provide Early Birds for more families, consider making a donation today.