Early Birds for Teen Parents

November 15, 2018

Shyanne is a student at Putnam City High School. She is also the mother to a two-year-old boy, Lyndon. Thanks to a partnership between SSCO and Putnam City Public Schools, when Shyanne found out she was pregnant she began meeting regularly with a home visitor who introduced her to Early Birds. Shyanne received an Early Birds prenatal kit which included a blanket, bottle, memory book, and the book Love You Forever. Now that her son is born, she continues to meet with her home visitor and attend Early Birds three times a year, at which she receives a new bag of books and toys tailored to her son's development each time. Shyanne credits Early Birds with helping her to be more calm with Lyndon and not raise her voice. "He is two now and likes his own way, but we talk or read books or sing songs to calm him down," said Shyanne. 

Being a teen parent comes with many challenges, but thanks to the support of Early Birds and her home visitor, Shyanne and Lyndon are on a path to success. If you would like to support our work in Putnam City, please consider donating to the Putnam City Schools Foundation this Giving Tuesday, November 27.