First Day of School at Nichols Hills Elementary

August 7, 2018


Oklahoma City Public Schools went back to school last week, which means lots of our friends from Early Birds and Smart Start in the Schools just started pre-K! One of our employees, Mary, immediately noticed a benefit from attending Smart Start in the Schools when her 4-year-old daughter Nora went to her first day of pre-K at Nichols Hills Elementary.

"There are three kids and moms in Nora's class that I never would have known if it weren't for Smart Start in the Schools," said Mary. "I was talking in the hall to one of the moms whose oldest child is in Nora's class and thinking, 'we are instant friends because we have spent time together at Smart Start in the Schools.' Not only that, but our kids know each other and have played together before. This takes away anxiety and fear for our children."

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