Simple Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

January 10, 2022

Weather during the winter months can be unpredictable. We have compiled some indoor activities sure to entertain your children when it’s too cold to play outside. Which ones will you try?

Indoor Obstacle Course – Use your imagination to design and build an obstacle course. Jump ropes, hula hoops, couch cushions…anything goes for this tried and true activity! It’s a great way to add some exercise to playtime.

Puppet Theatre – Use small paper lunch sacks to create hand puppets. You can decorate them with any craft supplies you have lying around from markers and googly eyes to tissue paper and felt scraps. Your children will have a blast designing puppets and creating a show just for you! Pop some popcorn, grab a chair, and watch the kids perform their masterpiece!

Build igloos – Sugar cubes, clear school glue, and decorations are all you need to create igloos or ice castles. We like to include gems, chenille stems, and crinkle paper (the best comes right out of your paper shredder!). Set the ingredients on cookie sheets or craft paper to protect your table, and then step back and let the kids have at it. Building incorporates engineering and architecture elements making this a great STEM activity.

Indoor Forts – Remember how fun it was to create living room forts when you were a child? Bring out all the blankets, pillows, chairs, and tables, and let your kids work together to create amazing structures. Once they are through, encourage them to read inside the fort. Maybe you can crawl inside and read together!

Indoor Campout – Use the fort you made or erect a tent in the living room for an indoor campout. Unroll those sleeping bags, grab your flashlights and watch a favorite movie together. Bonus points if you make s’mores!

The winter is a great time to make special memories with your family. Have fun!

Children making an indoor fort